Minecraft Redstone Official Mojang Hard Cover Book by Scholastic Age 8 - 12 * Grade 3rd - 7th

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Minecraft Redstone Official Mojang Hard Cover Book by Scholastic Age 8 - 12 * Grade 3rd - 7th in Yorkville
Minecraft Redstone Official Mojang Hard Cover Book by Scholastic Age 8 - 12 * Grade 3rd - 7th in Yorkville
Minecraft Redstone Official Mojang Hard Cover Book by Scholastic Age 8 - 12 * Grade 3rd - 7th in Yorkville

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Minecraft Redstone Official Mojang Hard Cover Book by Scholastic

This Book Is In Very Nice Condition * 80 Pages * Age 8 - 12 * Grade 3rd - 7th

Minecraft from Mojang rivals Harry Potter, LEGO, and many other video games in popularity. There are a series of books that teach users how to work with the various components of the game. The Minecraft Redstone Handbook is an official guide and a very popular and useful book in this series. This edition teaches users how to master the Minecraft game technology known as Redstone. The handbook contains 80 pages with rich illustrations that help you learn everything you need to power up and get switched on to Redstone, from basic mining to advanced mechanics. The Minecraft Redstone Handbook is an electrifying guide. Scholastic recommends this game for kids 8-12 years old and from third to seventh grade, but gaming enthusiasts of all ages give it high marks. The official guide offers exclusive tips from the game creator, Notch, to build extraordinary Redstone creations. Minecraft Redstone is among the most complex elements of the game, and this book is great for someone new to the game or anyone interested in working with the ore. In this updated edition, you will learn where to search for the ore and how to use it creatively. The handbook is filled with helpful tips for players of all skill and experience levels, including mining the ore, smelting, using repeaters, circuit designs, and circuit components. Redstone basically works like electric wiring and allows players to do things like rigging a door to open with a lever, create clocks and stopwatches that keep time or build everything from a calculator to a fully functional computer, complete with memory. There are construction ideas to help implement the knowledge learned from the book and expand your own creativity. Topics in the book include where to find Redstone ore, how to use Redstone dust and torches, Redstone challenges, and community creations. The book begins with a rundown of the basics of the ore and progresses to more challenging builds. Readers develop an understanding of the mechanics. The book will teach you to create Redstone traps and arrow launchers, so you will never fear the creepers. You will learn basic builds, such as clocks, turrets, and more advanced machinery. Redstone can be used to build logic gates, make T flip flops, or make lights that turn on when the sun sets, and larger circuits, such as a compact block swapper, minecart station, automated farms, and more. Players can even create mini-games within Minecraft. There are about 10 Redstone machine plans with step-by-step instructions that you can follow to recreate the machines. The Minecraft Redstone Handbook is available in hardcover with good quality binding that is made to last. This and other books in the series are authorized by Mojang and sold in stores, through affiliates, and online. The Minecraft game can be purchased for use on video gaming systems or computers with the disc or gift cards that provide codes, so you can download the game to a computer or mobile device. The Minecraft Redstone Handbook was published in 2014 by Scholastic, Inc. Although Scholastic is also listed as the author, the book was actually written by Nick Farwell.

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